Ninth Street Halloween Jam

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The 17th annual 9th Street Halloween jam is happening on Saturday, October 28th - 10am til dark. Check the flyer for more info about what’s going on and when. Also, work will be being done on the trails the Saturday before (October 21st), so please lend a hand if you’re available.

Women BMX Documentary featuring Nina

A new documentary from Myka Dylan about the women’s BMX scene in Austin. “From House Park Skatepark to the 9th street trails I give to you a short film based out of Austin, Texas. This film features local and pro riders, such as Nina Buitrago, Brittany Cambell, Alexis Mabry, Joya Cooper and Courtney Lake.”

Ladies in the Woods Edit

A Betty BMX edit from the first of hopefully many “Women’s Weekend in the Woods” at Catty Woods and Posh Woods. Thanks! PA Woods