Terrible One Pegs


The T-1 pegs are back! And, this description of them from the early 2000s still rings true… The original T-1 peg lives on. The pegs are both light and fast due to its sleeved tubular design. Meaning, a chromoly sleeve has been pressed over an aluminum peg body to give the peg the best of both worlds. Its lightness and strength is derived from its aluminum body, but the hard chromoly sleeve is what is responsible for the speed when grinding. Not to mention that the aluminum tip make them cement skatepark friendly. Basically, they’re wicked awesome! Thanks to Maul’s Bike Shop for the photo!

Light and fast
Cement-friendly aluminum tip
Material: Chromoly sleeve pressed over aluminum body
Axle Hole: 3/8” or 14mm
Size: 1.5” x 4”
Colors: Black
Graphic by Michael Sieben

9th Street 2nd Annual Pump Track Race


Good times guaranteed next weekend… “9th Street BMX is proud to announce our 2nd annual Pump Track Race for kids 12 and under on Sunday, April 29th from 10am – 2pm. The pump track will be groomed into a legit BMX race track with hay bales & checkered flags. There will be participation trophies, Empire BMX race ribbons and more for the kids, and big smiles for all the parents. Come on down. We will be grooming the trails the day before on Saturday, April 28th in the late morning to afternoon. Feel free to stop by and lend a hand. Cheers.”

We Love Colorado

In honor of Danny’s birthday… here’s We Love Colorado from 2010! Enjoy!

Franstastic Video

Thanks to Josh Brown for this Franstastic video! Enjoy!