Joel Goodies Re-up

It’s Sunday. Here’s some old Joel Goodies from Joe. “Kick it back a notch, and enjoy these three little bits I filmed with Joel at the end of 2007. These two spots are right down the street from T-1. ‘Keeping it in the neighborhood’, coupled along with Joel’s smooth skills, made filming these a breeze”. Treat yourself!

Still Fucking Available


If you’re looking for a SFA, these are the places we know of that still have some available.

• 21.5” Gloss Black w/removable CS mounts 4Down Distro Available direct from 4Down or through your local 4Down dealer.

• 21.25” Gloss Raw w/welded CS mounts Strictly BMX

• 21.25” Gloss Black w/removable CS mounts and 21.25” Deep Sea Blue/Green (RAL 6004) w/removable CS mounts Lux BMX

GB fakie photo by Joe.

Nina Burrito


You know you’ve made it when you have a burrito named after you on the other side of the world. From the Brindley’s Sweet Bones Bakery… “Try our new Nina Burrito after BMX legend Nina Buitrago // filled with housemade Mexican beans, spicy seitan, brown rice, queso, grilled veggies and chipotle greens. Served with a side of corn chips, corn salsa and our cilantro sour cream. Come and check it out and see what you think!”

Scerbo Central Interview


“I’m always half way settled down but I doubt it would ever be fully. I can’t do that, I need the road. If I did it would be a desolate beach town.” Scerbo interview at from the UK. Paracosm DVDs available there tomorrow.

Ruben First Hand Re-ups

From Ruben back in 2009(?)… “A few months ago I had the opportunity to do a program called First Hand for FUEL TV (it’s a channel where they only show Skate, BMX, Snowboard, Motocross, Wakeboard… ). I was stoked because when I am in the USA I like to watch this channel and I thought that the First Hand was a great one. The program is just about a few days of your life, at home or in a trip… this program is very entertaining because there is nothing set up so anything can happen… we just plan to go to a couple of places and a camera guy comes with us to capture the best moments of whatever that happen in those days. The program was waiting for me to say where and when I wanted to start. Then one day that I went to California with my friend Sami from Malaga. I thought that it could be a good moment to start filming for my First Hand. I got in touch with the camera guy (Mike Manzoori) to see if he was able to come with us and in a few days later we were on it. At first I was kind of worried of what to do but then I thought ‘this is what it is so it will be what it is’ and we had really good fun days because we had no idea of what we were going to do, all kind of things happened and we all have really very good memories from that trip.”