The Bloody Garrett Podcast Pt2

The second part of Garrett’s The BMX In Our Blood bloodcast from Joe Doherty. Thanks! “Happy Father’s Day! The much anticipated Part 2 of the Garrett Byrnes interview is here! Enjoy! Thank you Garrett Byrnes for you insight and impact, much appreciated by all. So many great stories and talk of relationships with people close to Garrett. As always support those that support BMX. Thanks again to for the interview space, it was perfect. Lastly, keep July 29th open for the Find Your Fight Jam for the family of Kevin Robinson. It is shaping up to be the best fundraising event yet! Find info on the jam at along with links to past podcasts, especially Part 1 if you haven’t listened to yet! In this podcast announcement photo I’m holding a new copy of Coming Down signed by Garrett. It will be available at the #findyourfightjam silent auction on July 29th!”

Paul Buchanan Memorial Jam


“Paul Buchanan was a major impact not only on BMX as a whole but with so many of us in the Vancouver BMX scene! Come out and join us at the Seylynn Bowl Sunday June 24th in celebration of the memory of one of the greatest people to ever ride a bike. Free BBQ and stickers for everyone!!”

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped organise this jam! Photo by Adam Johnston. Thanks!

Reynolds GoFundMe


From Clint Reynolds… “My folks place burned down yesterday. They both escaped in time but the house and my father’s business are a total loss. Insurance is most likely not going to cover the damages. They are tough and resilient people but could use some help ❤️ Thanks @savingdaily for helping house my folks.

Please do what you can to help out. Thanks!

The Bloody Garrett Podcast Pt1

Thanks to Joe Doherty for sitting down with Garrett this time for his latest podcast! You can check out more of Joe’s work here… The BMX In Our Blood.

“Garrett Byrnes. I went into this interview like most interviews, interested in the life of a BMXer but not knowing much beyond the person in the photos, documentaries, video parts, etc. This is the reason why I do it. The payoff was huge with Garrett. This is the 1st time I have split a podcast into two parts because there is so much about Garrett that I would love for you all to hear and not feel rushed. So enjoy and remember what is most important in life, you. Special thanks to Matty of for the interview location and thank you Garrett for trusting me with your story.”

Make a Stand


Mike made a T-1 stand and he’s building his new Ruben on it. Check out @gypsymikey for more photos.