Garr Art Byrnes


Every frame is a blank canvas to Garrett. Here’s his latest piece of art… No dates yet for the next run of SFAs or Barcodes. Once we have that info it’ll be posted up here, t1stagram, etc.

Good Idea

Something to lift the spirits from empireBMX

“The world is a crazy place right now, but we hope Vol 1 of our new video series clears your head for a little while and makes you want to get out and pedal. Vol 1 features a full Chase Hawk part, and hits from a large crew of players. It’s always a good idea to let Chase and the crew light the way! Filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo.”

Lux BMX Aeterna Cody Pollard and Wilton Hedley

Visual treats from Lux BMX, Cody Pollard, Wilton Hedley, and Mike Vokenson!

“Cody has been blasting bowls ever since his early BMX days in North QLD, with a strong, aggressive style, masked with a huge grin, Pollard never looks like he’s having a bad time on his bike. In between a full-time job and searching the globe for bowls with the Fast and Loose Crew, Cody teamed up with long time friend and teammate Wilton Hedley along with resident filmer/rider Mike Vokenson. Together the three curated something that incorporated their friendship, the good times and big airs. Working hard for 3 years, taking some big falls and airing higher than everyone else Cody Pollard and Wilton Headly came through with a truly entraining watch from start to finish.”

Fingers Crossed Episode One

Treat yourself by watching this!

“13 years ago I had the opportunity to ride the bike park of Whistler with a mountain bike, I had so much fun but I was thinking all the time - I wish I could ride this on my BMX… After that I started to work on it but I couldn’t finish it right and left it to the side… until now.” - Ruben Alcantara / Fingers Crossed BMX