Elf Headlights

From Our BMX… “Shawn ‘Elf’ Walters’ unique approach to street riding is undeniably entertaining. Here’s his section from RideBMX ‘Headlights’, a full length video by Mike Mastroni featuring DeMarcus Paul, Jake Seeley, Tate Roskelley, Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan, Calvin Kosovich, Shawn ‘Elf’ Walters, Mike Mastroni, Zach Krejmas, Broc Raiford, Justin Spriet, Brady Tweedy & many more…”

Skapegoat 11 Online

From Scerbo…“Skapegoat volume 11 is now online. Copies are sold out and currently discontinued.”

Rest in peace Jonne


We just received the sad news that Finnish BMX legend Jonne Hämäläinen has passed away as a result of a sudden illness. Deepest condolences to his family and friends from everyone at T-1.

Joe Confesses to VoltBMX

Joe’s turn to sit down in front of the VoltBMX camera… “A brief interview with a modern day legend, we find out where it all started where it went and how it is now. Not all the pics in the video are the actual pics spoken of. Enjoy!”

Meet Ruben in Marbella


Meet up with Ruben at the old Marbella skatepark next Tuesday at 6pm to show your support and help the locals make their plans for a new park a reality. Air to wallride photo shot a few years ago.

“Con el campeón del mundo de BMX Rubén Alcántara y candidato por UCIN Marbella en el Skatepark de Marbella con los jóvenes de la ciudad para ver las necesidades que tienen de instalaciones para practicar el skate y el BMX.”

Live Slow Ride Fast Again

It’s been three years since this beauty by Russell Brindley and Brendan Boeck first saw the light of day. Enjoy!