Scotty Mescal RIP

Yesterday we received the very sad news about the passing of Scotty Mescal. Please take a minute to sign this petition. RIP.

“Scotty Mescal gave his all to the skateboarding and BMX communities. Scotty was known for that in Austin and around the world. He was a motivator, a big brother, a friend and a selfless person. He helped people reach the impossible by supporting them through skateboarding and BMX and he put other people before himself throughout his life. He recently succumbed to Covid-19 and lost his life to it. We don’t want him to be just another statistic. We can’t let him be forgotten because he never forgot about anyone. Let’s get enough signatures and make a case to rename House Skatepark after him. Let’s continue his legacy of spreading positivity and kindness by renaming the park in his honor. He isn’t a statistic, he was Scotty Mescal.”

Rename House Skatepark to Scotty Mescal Skatepark

Sweet Sixteen


T-1 Grips: about sixteen years in production, various colors, one compound change, and one barend upgrade…

The idea for the Terrible One grip was formed in the early 2000’s. Originally, the grip was going to be produced by Joe’s at-the-time sponsor Primo Products, but after his decision to leave the team, the mould was signed over to T-1 as a thank you for the years spent with them.

“The idea was based on the Primo grips at the time, the Logo grip in particular. I love the mushroom grip the most. ODI Longnecks will always be king and I used the Logo grips because they were the closest to the Longnecks, but since Primo was my sponsor, I rode the Primo grips. I really liked them, there was just a wear problem with them. I would always wear them out in the same spot even though I held them at different places sometimes, so I put in the thicker bands to cut down on the wear time. This was meant to balance it all out. The knurling on the thick part is to help with the Texas heat sweat slip of the hand. I made them wavy, to change it up a bit, and they matched the pattern on the bottom of my old Etnies Throttle 2 shoe.” - Joe


Bowl of Ruben


Ruben’s started up a new Instagram account to share photos and experiences from his Soulparks bowl in Skatepark Málaga. You can also find a brief history here… SoulParks Project One with Ruben Alcantara

“Hello everyone! I’ve been tagged many times with the words ‘Ruben’s bowl’ sharing with me great experiences that we all had while I worked there the first 3 years, so I decided to start this @rubensbowl page to share all this magic moments that we all had. Let’s see your pics and history!

Hola a todos, muchos de vosotros me habéis etiquetado como Ruben’s bowl con vuestras buenas fotos y experiencias en los 3 primeros años que trabaje allí, así que decidí seguir compartiendo estas experiencias con vosotros en @rubensbowl