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From empireBMX… “Our friend Joe had a bad motocross accident a couple months back, and we’re making this shirt to help him with his medical expenses. He is going strong and attacking recovery with his usual intensity, but could use all of our good vibes and support. If you’re like us and Joe has been a constant source of inspiration and awe, on and off of his bike, please snag a shirt! All profits are going to the man :) Available April 5. Genuine American Apparel T. Photo by Devon Hutchins.”

Empire Joe Rich T


It’s this guy’s birthday today, so here’s a little reminder that the Dig BMX documentary, Coming Down, is still available to rent or download. Hit the link for all the info… Coming Down

Garrett is one of those guys who we at DIG have long considered to be a true BMX legend and someone whose inspiration continues to operate at a different level than what is perceived as the norm. In fact, riders like Garrett and his ilk are the motivational backbone of our near 25 year existence as a BMX media outlet. This film is simply our way of showing respect for that inspiration and continued motivation.

Directed by Stew Johnson

Running time approx 45 mins

GB Answers Em For VoltBMX

Garrett answers ‘em for VoltBMX… “A brief interview with a modern day legend, we find out where it all started where it went and how it is. Not all the pics in the video are of the actual pics spoken of. The sound is dubbed over the first 3 minutes like a 70s kung fu film, technical nightmares!”

Patch Hats Back in Stock


Elf’s Patch hats are back in stock in the T-1 Online Store and stores around the world*. Cotton twill five panel hats with embroidered Badge logo. Nylon woven adjustable strapback. Available in Black or Olive.

*if not already, then real soon

Home Sweet Home

terribleone terribleone

I have always enjoyed repurposing bits that I am really stoked on. It’s funny how some things that were made for a very specific purpose, can live on years after, and continue to provide pure stoke just by the sight of them. Our last year that we went to Interbike and actually had our own space, we built our booth around the new graphics we were using on the Ruben frame. Our booth out there always felt like a sanctuary for me. We would build a different one every year that was cut from wood, and painted. I think because it was so much fun making the booth, that’s why it felt like home in all that chaos. Some of the years we were literally still sanding and painting at some of the camp spots on the way out. After we got home that year, I set it up around my desk at T-1. Painted the walls a darker blue so it all would fit. When we made the move to Empire in 2016, I got an idea of how I could use it once again. But no water this time. It took a little while, but finally finished it not too long ago. This time becoming a gateway to our little home once again. Stoked! - Joe