30 Years of Dorkin

Enjoy this valuable history lesson hosted by T-1 family member Mel Cody!

“Over the past 30 years, people have traveled from around the world to attend York Flatland BMX Jam. Throughout the years, many attendees have filmed and documented the jam in many aspects. This project was an impromptu venture that turned into a thank you to those people who have documented these jams. During the 30th anniversary jam, Mel Cody sat down with Brett Downs, Jame McGraw, Dane Beardsley, Chris Young, Dave Nourie, Kevin Jones, and Mark Eaton to discuss the history of York Jam and what the jam means to them.”

Hosted by: Mel Cody

Arranged & Edited by: Jonathan Stettler Steady Focus Media

Breaking the Loop on Prime Video


“Racing to jump back in time through a wormhole, a washed-up BMX rider attempts to bring his ex-girlfriend back from the dead, triggering a dangerous government agency to pursue him.”

Joel’s been working on his feature film, Breaking The Loop, for seven years and it’s now available to watch on Prime Video. Congratulations!