Fast and Loose


Matt Cordova’s beautiful documentation of the Fast & Loose crew exploring Colorado is up on the Dig BMX site.

“When the topic of big bowls and amazing skateparks get brought up, there’s a few different places that stick out. Colorado is definitely one of them. Knowing what is tucked away behind the Rocky Mountains I knew that we needed to do a trip there. Corey Walsh drove his rig down from Vancouver, while Kris Fox, Cody Pollard, and Jason Watts flew in from California.”

GIVE IT HELL! Fast & Loose in Colorado

Go Fund a New Sandy Carson Book

Sandy’s new book project needs some funding. Get behind it!

“I’ve Always Been a Cowboy in My Heart is my outsider’s observations of the weird happenstances that present itself on the great American road trip, as seen through the wide eyes of a Scotsman. After relocating from my native homeland of Scotland in the 90’s, I have now spent half my life in Texas. This 12-year project chronicles my fascination with everyday occurrences in the social landscape and explores the spaces between clarity and imperfection, composing a personal slice of America.

When put into a photographic context, the aesthetics convey recurring visions of scrutiny, Scottish humor, absurdity and empathy, transforming the most banal scenarios into a nostalgic connection for myself and my background.”

Scheduled for release September 2019. More info here… I’ve Always Been a Cowboy in My Heart

Words of Wisdom from Nina


More reasons to be thankful for Nina Buitrago

“Does anyone else agree that it’s a bit disappointing that Women’s BMX park will be in the 2020 Olympics BEFORE having a medal event at X Games? Every major contest in Freestyle that matters has hosted a women’s category with medals and prize money, except Xgames. We’ve put in years of hard work and sacrifice only to be told that the hold up is: ‘There is no room in the schedule,’ ‘women’s BMX level isn’t where we need it to be,’ ‘there’s no room in our budget this year,’ ‘it’s not our job to grow your sport.’ We agreed to do the ‘demo’ each year under the condition we progress towards a medal event, but this year unfortunately it’s the same offer as last year: another demo/no medal event. Time to draw the line, women’s BMX is way more worthy than just another demo at this point. Regardless, I just want to express how proud I am of all of these women for their hardwork, dedication and sacrifice over the years, flying themselves in from all over the world to attend these demos, trying to make this happen for so long, giving the next gen another dream event to look forward to. The time has come for us to shift our focus on the road ahead, growing the sport ourselves and supporting the other events who recognize and support us as riders, as equals. It’s been fun!”

Photo: Jeff Z Thanks!

Russell Brindley Trail Hesh

Sorry, sometimes things slip through the net… Here’s a nice Rusty section from Back Bone BMX that was posted a few weeks back.

Russell Brindley with a heavy dose of that classic style he is renowned for at the trails. It’s Russell’s 35th birthday today, stoked to share some unseen clips with you for his birthday. Filmed by Rhys Williams, Zac Miner, Tom O’Reilly and Tyson Jones-Peni. Edited by Tyson Jones-Peni.