Barcode Raffle for Joe


Kevin Garwood has very kindly decided to raffle off a one-off 2002 Barcode, with all the proceeds going towards helping Joe with his medical bills.

• 20.625” TT
• 1-1/8” Press Fit HT
• Euro BB (the first Barcode with a Euro BB)
• Triple cable guide
• Made by Maas
• The dropouts have been cut down. See the photos.

The raffle will run for 6 weeks (ending the 13th of October) and 1 ticket = £2, or 6 tickets = £10. Once you purchase your ticket(s) you’ll be emailed a code for each one.

***PLEASE NOTE: The postage will be paid by the winner. The frame’s located in the UK, but there’s the possibility it can be sent from the US instead, if that’s cheaper.

If you’ve any questions about the frame contact Kev on Facebook Thanks!

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Lift Your Skinny Zines Like Antennas to Heaven

thesleepinggiantstore thesleepinggiantstore

Some new zine releases…

Butthole Explorers: Como un pulpo en un garaje. A trip from Málaga to the north of Spain, then back down through Portugal, with Rubén, Garrett and Joe, at the end of September/start of October 2018. 32 pages, A5 sized, colour and B&W.

Burn Your Home Down: A collection of photos shot over a few years in Málaga, featuring various T-1 riders. 20 pages, A5 sized, colour and B&W.

And, Don’t Tell Joe is still available, plus a handful of Paul Buchanan Photo Packs have been pieced together, BUT these ones don’t have any stickers.

The Sleeping Giant Store



The dates for the Women’s Weekend in the Woods 2019 have been announced! Saturday, September 28th will be at Catty Woods and then Sunday, September 29th at Posh Woods. This year’s awesome flyer artwork is by Rubberbandrea and Tasha Lindemann. This’ll also be available on shirts and the sale of these, and any other Catty/Posh merchandise, all help to keep the trails running, so please dig(!) deep and show your support.
“Come ride bikes! Win raffles! Hug your friends!”
PA Woods

Fast and Loose


Matt Cordova’s beautiful documentation of the Fast & Loose crew exploring Colorado is up on the Dig BMX site.

“When the topic of big bowls and amazing skateparks get brought up, there’s a few different places that stick out. Colorado is definitely one of them. Knowing what is tucked away behind the Rocky Mountains I knew that we needed to do a trip there. Corey Walsh drove his rig down from Vancouver, while Kris Fox, Cody Pollard, and Jason Watts flew in from California.”

GIVE IT HELL! Fast & Loose in Colorado