The Bloody Nina Podcast

Thanks to Joe Doherty for sitting down with Nina for his latest podcast! You can check out more of Joe’s work here… The BMX In Our Blood.

“Nina Buitrago is an Austin-ite that has been riding and promoting BMX for years, always with an eye on the well being of the sport for women. I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Pittsburgh during the Ride Like A Girl clinic weekend at the Wheelmill and caught up with Nina there. Nina is so well spoken with an infectious laugh and smile. She also happens to be the USA UCI rider representative for women BMX freestyle in the 2020 Olympics. Enjoy the listen and support her sponsors that support Nina and the sport.”

BMX in the Blood of Nina


Head on over to Joe Doherty’s @gromdad2000 account and post your question for a The BMX In Our Blood interview with Nina that’ll happen at the Ride Like A Girl Weekend at the The Wheel Mill this weekend. Photo by Joe.

SFA Update


SFA UPDATE: due to S&M’s busy schedule we’re going to have to push back the next run of SFAs. We hoped that we’d have been able to take pre-orders at the start of the year, but right now this is pencilled in for March/April-ish. Thanks to everyone that’s asked about the next run and sorry it’s not better news. More info once we have it. Garrett fakie photo by Joe.

Christmas Past


Excellent artwork by Shawn Rylander… “‘Wreath of Christmas Past’. Anybody who knows me is well aware I’m not a fan of Christmas. But I do love remembering those family members that aren’t with me anymore that made Christmas so special when I was a child. When Christmas was a dream.” Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from everyone at T-1!

Top Five Burrito


Congratulations to Nina for being included in Vital BMX’s ‘The Top 5 Women Riders of 2017’! “At thirty-six years of age, Nina is a veteran to the BMX game and has been considered an integral part of the pro ranks for over ten years. Although she battled a few injuries throughout 2017, she still managed to attend multiple events and uphold a strong presence amongst the community. Chances are you saw Nina’s section in Etnies Chapters at some point in the past few months. Being involved in the biggest video of the year and having her footage alongside riders like Nathan Williams and Chase Hawk is huge for women’s BMX.”