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New shirts heading out to T-1 distros and dealers!

Cold Brew

Cold Brew from Michael Sieben’s Roger Skateboards

“Down in Austin the Roger rippers serve a heavy jolt by way of Ryan Thompson’s ungodly pop, Reese Barton’s cannonball commitment and much, much more. Sip on this.”

Whip Tips

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A post shared by Joel Moody (@jpmood)

A new line from Joel and some tips… “There are two ways you can do a hang five to whiplash. First learn how to jump to the peg keeping the pedals even, then either lift the leg over the top tube and lean forward, this will make the frame fall down towards the ground and then maneuver the bars so the back tire doesn’t hit the ground and when it comes around jump. The second way, the way I do it is by making sure the seat is firmly on the ass while in hang 5 and bring the free leg over the back of the back wheel, at the same time kick the seat with your inner thigh and maneuver your bars so the back tire doesn’t hit the ground. If you keep your back straight you will see better results, because you will be engaging your core, this helps with all hang 5 maneuvers.”