Blood Brothers Charity Fundraiser


Ride on Mate!!! Blood Brothers Charity Fundraiser is a charity exhibition and fundraiser to help raise money for the Haematology Department at Perth Children’s Hospital in Australia. 100% of the profits will be donated. There’ll be auctions, raffles, photo exhibitions, good times and much more. A 15”x10” signed Ruben photo will be one of the photos up for auction. It’s happening on Saturday, the 18th of August. Please give generously and support this very worthy cause.

Paul Buchanan Photo Packs


Fifty of these Paul Buchanan packs are on sale at Dig BMX. Each pack includes five 7”x5” prints, with a 16-page zine and two stickers.

Since Paul’s family originates from Scotland, 100% of the sale price will be donated to the Scottish Association for Mental Health charity. Dig BMX will also donate a further £5($6) for each pack sold. That means, you buy a pack for £15($20) and £20($26) will be donated to charity.

Thanks a lot to Dig BMX for all their help and their kind donations.

Paul Buchanan Photo Packs

UPDATE: more packs have been ordered and they will be ready to ship out to everyone next week. The first 50 orders will be going out this week. Thanks for your support!

UPDATED UPDATE: the photo packs are temporarily out of stock. Thanks for everyone’s support! The first batch will be going out this week, the second batch next week, and more are being produced, so they’ll be available real soon. Thanks again for everyone’s support, and especially for Dig BMX’s help and support with this project.

Ride UK Soul Parks Q&A with Ruben


Mikkel Mogensen caught up with Ruben and asked him a few questions about his skatepark building company. Hit the link for the Q&A and some photos from the opening of his recent creation in Padul.

We heard the bowl transitions are borrowed from the T-1 ramp… Is that true? Very similar, yes, inspired by the T-1 ramp, where you can air anywhere without pulling too much. We made it a bit taller and a bit bigger radius but not much… It feels really good, I think we will use it in more designs…