Ride with Ruben


Join Ruben this Sunday for the opening day of the new Soul Parks designed skatepark in Padul (near Granada). “Este domingo vamos a tener una buena session de BMX, skate y todo el que quiera en el skatepark nuevo de Padul. ¡Nos vemos alli!”

Ask Garrett


Garrett’s next in line for The BMX In Our Blood podcast. Go to Joe Doherty’s gromdad2000 Instagram and post a question for Garrett. The interview’ll be this Saturday so be quick.

Hi Paul


Hi Paul,
Damn . . . . . . no words that I know, can match what feelings are going on inside me. Not that I’d ever think that you ever needed many words . . . But the past weeks, have left me in a daze. I snap in and out of the reality that I am living, and memories that I have over the past 22 years since we met. Not to mention all of the days in your life that I’ve merely only imagined. And then there are the bits of time that none of this even seems real . . . The impact you had on me, as a person, stands above all else. One thing I’ll never forget, is the pause you always took before you spoke. Never being quick to just start talking, and this is one tiny detail that always let me know, that you were listening. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read some really great stories of people’s one off sightings of you, and sometimes even a day spent with you. Very storybook like to say the least . . . And this has made me both happy, and has also made me realize, just how fortunate I was to get to share so many days and memories with you. There are experiences that have forever affected who I am, and how I look at this life . . . I was going through some old photos this past weekend, and there is one of you sitting next to the campfire when we went to the Ammo pipe for the first time, and that was the first night I ever used that tent. And that’s still the tent I have today. Ha,18 years later, so many good times between then and now. Damn, that was such a great trip too . . . I was also remembering some of the completely unbelievable situations I have been in with you. Only to realize, that through all of the most incredible stories I have lived through, you were there for the big ones. Combine that with the some of the others I know about you, and damn . . . there just has to be something to that. It’s far beyond chance. You were a magnet for the extraordinary, and that magnetism never had an off switch. Magic seemed to be eternally at your side. And I feel like there was only a small slice of you, that I, along with everyone else in the dimension that we live in, could only begin to understand. I can only imagine how much more there was to you . . . And maybe that’s where you went, off on a journey to a place that none of us could understand. You always were one to go about life on your terms. I hope that wherever you are, you are still on that path of yours, exploring and pushing the boundaries of possibility. Thank you for being you, and for sharing some time with me. I love you my brother.
- Joe
This one hit hard, really hard . . . I’ve been wanting to write something, but it wasn’t ready to come out until now. We’ve all been trying our best to process this over the past days . . . All of our hearts here at T-1, go out to Paul’s family and friends. Much love to you all!

Outpost Product Photos


There’s a folder of some more detailed shots of the Nina colorway (RAL 6005) and the Phosphate Dipped versions of Ruben’s frame, plus the Raw with Clearcoat Skapegoat, and some shots of the bigger Logan’s Run sprockets, AND the T-1 pegs (all courtesy of our Australian distro, Outpost), right here… Outpost Product Photos. Thanks for the support!

Terranea Action Camp with Ruben

Even more reasons to vist Málaga! From Ruben

Hello everyone!! I’m very happy to be part of this Terranea Action Camp project. I’ve been dreaming about creating something like this for many years. We have an amazing camp for you guys stay and ride, we are digging some trails and we going to build wood ramps, the place is beautifull, in the middle of pure nature with many fun activities and bus trips to the best skateparks in the area like Skatepark Málaga where you or your kids can have an amazing time. For more details please check www.terraneaactioncamp.com and I hope to see you there!!

Hola a todos!! Muy contento de presentaros este proyecto Terranea Action CAMP … Soñe durante años crear algo asi …el sitio es impresionante para alojaros y montar , estamos haciendo un campillo y construyendo rampas de madera, el lugar es precioso, entre montañas y rodeado de naturaleza, con muchas actividades divertidas y viajes en bus a los mejores skateparks de la zona como Skatepark Málaga o Padul donde tu o tus hijos podreis disfrutar de una buena esperiencia. Para mas detalles entrar en www.terraneaactioncamp.com espero de veros!!