T1 Frames

We make T-1 products without compromise. They are a result of the best efforts we can give, both design-wise, and who we have chosen to manufacture them. For example, I’ve always felt that if you can ride a frame hard for a year and it lasts, then that’s the goal. However, most of the time, they will live quite a long time past that goal… years and years past it actually. Having ridden the majority of my life, I feel that we are very fair when it comes to knowing what to expect out of our products and the warranty issues that can come along with that - knowing when something has a flaw, versus when some mishap happens that the product couldn’t possibly hold up to - because at the end of the day, you could buy a frame, go down to the trails, and on your first run, jump the 30ft set, eject, and have your bike go flying through the air and hit the wrong thing, at the wrong angle, and it could break or bend. That is not the fault of the frame one bit.

I usually gauge our products on the one year rule. However, if the product’s older then, depending on what the warranty issue was, we’ll either replace it or offer a replacement for a cheaper price.

I will promise always to be fair and try to come to a resolve that makes us both happy. Thank you for supporting T-1.

— Joe