Craig Stevens BC


Sweet new bike check from Craig Stevens up on the Profile Racing site. Thanks for the support! “If you are one of those dudes who likes to bang on about how things used to be way better back in the day… you should head over to and check out a real man’s rig! It’s a triumph of steel!”

Garrett Byrnes Morning Surf

“To clear my head and more or less calm myself for the day I usually try to take a surf in the morning.” Ease on in to your Monday with the help of this excellent video from Geo Jenkins. From Geo… “This piece came together while I was out in Jersey/New York area working on a soon to be released Dig BMX project with Garrett and the Halahan brothers from Pittsburgh. We spend 4 days checking out some of the local spots Garrett rides and what gave him inspiration throughout life. One morning while we were at his parents house in New Jersey he asked if I wanted to tag along while he hit some waves in the morning. We woke up around 4-5am to cruise to the beach while the sun was coming up. Garrett was an idol while growing up and one of the raddest dudes to hang with, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” Thanks a lot to Geo for creating/sharing this!

Rubonic Facts


A sweet 2005 Maas Ruben build from James Dunford. Thanks! Some Ruben facts from (roughly) around that time…
Ruben Fact No.1: his Maas frame was produced from 2004-2006
Ruben Fact No.2: when Ruben was riding one of these frames his signature bars had a rise of 7.375”, his brake cable had Nokon housing and his stem had a plastic ladybug attached to it
Ruben Fact No.3: etnies released his signature shoe, the Terranea, in 2005. “It’s crazy, because I worked on the design of the shoe while I was in many different places in the world. So, much of the inspiration comes from everywhere.”
Ruben Fact No.4: Ruben shot a video ad for his shoe on a solo trip to the Dominican Republic
Ruben Fact No.5: his first T-1 print ad included the immortal words, “Only shit dude! Bank to wall, it’s easy… you do”, with a Sergio photo of his opening wallride in the last section of “Grounded” by etnies