Arizona Pools Takeover

“Over the past year Joe Coleman, Pat Burke, and myself, Joey Calderone have decided to take over the Arizona pool scene for BMX. Empty pools have become a great passion for us and has taken over our lives. We give our thanks to the homies who came to town to shred, the skaters, all the other pool sharks that are always with us, and thank you Dig BMX for the support! Cheers!” - Joey Calderone

Filmed by Pat Burke, Joey Calderone, Joe Coleman, Ryan Chadwick - Edited by Mike Beckner

Hallo Wieners

9thstreet rubenskatepark

So it’s Halloween / And you feel like dancin’ / And you feel like shinin’ / And you feel like letting loose

Trick or Get Sweet Jam This Weekend


UPDATE FROM POSH WOODS: Due to potential high winds on Saturday we are swapping jam days with Catty Woods, since Posh is more protected from the wind. We are trying to get a solid session tomorrow (Friday) just in case the weather Saturday sucks.

This weekend… Trick or Get Sweet Jam! Catty on Saturday the 22nd and Posh on Sunday the 23rd. “Alright everyone again we’re all very excited about the jam coming up this weekend. Yes as we mentioned before PLEASE! No alcohol or “smoking” while there due to insurance as well as potential police presence in case it’d get too noisy, also please for people who are just spectators and parking close by please don’t block anyone’s driveway or mailboxes or have your car tires on anyone’s lawn. Also please be respectful of the neighborhood and don’t leave a trail of trash on the street, loiter around or make too much noise. The last thing that we want is to lose the trails because of something as dumb as a neighbor complaining. Sadly that’s all it would take is one neighbor to complain and that could be it for the trails. Thank you all very much and see you all jam day!”

SFA Extras


We had a bunch of photos left over from the SFA timeline, so here’s a closer look at the original prototype and production sample for all the connoisseurs out there. Hit the links below…

SFA Prototype / SFA Production Sample