Sangre de Ruben


Ruben’s been donating some blood for etniesBMX in Portugal. Photo by Povah. Thanks! #etnieschapters

Why BMX Needs A Women's Class At The X Games

“Some wise words from Nina Buitrago and Dani Lightningbolt as to why they feel a women’s class at X Games would help encourage more female riders to get involved with BMX. Being a minority within a minority sport/activity like BMX can’t be easy at times, and although at DIG we’re not the biggest fans of the generic contest environment, there are definite benefits from this type of inclusion that could come from it. It’s great to hear these opinions coming from two riders who have always been fully immersed in BMX culture too.”

Excellent work by Kenny Horton and everyone involved with this video for Dig BMX about the girl session at the 2016 X Games in Austin. Why BMX Needs A Women’s Class At The XGames - Nina Buitrago and Dani Lightningbolt.

Bad Idea Coffee Time with KP

Interesting little coffee chat/catch up with Kevin Porter over on the Anne Loves Coffee More blog. “It turned out that Ruben, Garrett and Joe were big coffee drinkers. Because of them, in that moment at that point in life, something transpired into the cup, and ever since then I have been captivated by coffee.”

Last Days of the T-1 Ramp with Tom


How were the recent sessions there during the etnies filming week? It was a really good reason to get everyone together. Usually you can come back to something, but this was coming down to the wire. This is the best ramp, and the last time anything will get to happen here.” It was Tom’s turn to talk to Dig BMX about the T-1 ramp and you can find the full article here… Last Days of the T-1 Ramp: Tom Dugan

New Sieben Designs


Michael’s added a couple of new designs to his Threadless store. All designs are available on (Men’s & Women’s) T-shirts, Triblend T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Pullover Hoodies, Longsleeve T-shirts, Baseball Triblend T-shirts, and assorted kids shirts, dude.