August Jams




August is a busy time for jams. Check out the flyers for more info! Good times guaranteed!

Elf x Animal

Elf continues to kill it and it’s plain to see that he put a lot of hard work into this section for Animal Bikes. “Shawn ‘Elf’ Walters delivers a heavy dose of peg marksmanship and setup mastery in his latest deliverance from SLC!” Hit play for over two and a half minutes of street slayage!

Judge JNR


“I felt like it became more about watching dudes just do what they do rather than riding in a way to get the best score.” Vans BMX Pro Cup interviews with Joe, DMC and Jerry Badders up on the Dig BMX site. Photo: Dolecki. Thanks!

Nina and the Vans BMX Pro Cup Weekend


The Vans BMX Pro Cup is taking place in Huntington Beach, CA this weekend with the Women’s Semi-finals and Finals scheduled for Sunday. Nina and a whole host of ladies from around the world will be there, and Joe’s on judging duty. Swing by and show your support! Photo by Jeff Zielinski/Fox BMX. Thanks!