Ride UK Soul Parks Q&A with Ruben


Mikkel Mogensen caught up with Ruben and asked him a few questions about his skatepark building company. Hit the link for the Q&A and some photos from the opening of his recent creation in Padul.

We heard the bowl transitions are borrowed from the T-1 ramp… Is that true? Very similar, yes, inspired by the T-1 ramp, where you can air anywhere without pulling too much. We made it a bit taller and a bit bigger radius but not much… It feels really good, I think we will use it in more designs…


The Rollback Podcast with Nina

Kyle Carlson caught up with Nina for his latest podcast. “Arguably the most influential woman in the history of freestyle BMX discusses how she got into a sport that no other women were doing, its current state, where it’s headed, and much more.” Nina’s currently spreading the positivity around out at Woodward West for Girls Week.