Ruben and Garrett at Skatepark Malaga


This is not an April Fools’ Day joke… You can join Ruben and Garrett in celebrating the third anniversary of Skatepark Málaga on the first of April. There’ll be an open jam with prizes for creativity, best trick and best line. Congratulations to Ruben and everyone at Skatepark Málaga!

El próximo 1 de abril celebramos el tercer aniversario de la apertura del Skatepark Málaga Rubén Alcántara. Tendremos a un invitado muy especial, Garrett Byrnes que compartirá una OPEN JAM Session con todos nosotros. Habrá regalos a creatividad, mejor truco y mejor linea. Nos vemos el 1 de abril a partir de las 17:00 horas hasta el cierre del Skatepark.

GB and the Halahan Brothers

Under Your Influence by Geo Jenkins for Dig BMX. “The Halahan Brothers. Lukas (15), Nathan (13), and Shane (8) got every kid’s dream opportunity - to ride with their favorite pros. Only these pros weren’t the ones you’d expect. When asked who they’d be most stoked to ride with, first up came the name Garrett Byrnes, someone whose age is more than these three combined, and no doubt would have been the choice of most of the DIG family. Follow along as the boys head to New Jersey and New York City and get to sample some of the lifestyle that has carved out Garrett’s persona. They meet up and ride with the man himself, taking in city streets to skateparks, DIY ramps, trails, and more of Garrett’s favorite spots.”

Respect the Burrito


An International Women’s Day thank you to Nina for all she does and for continually kickin’ ass!

Swamp Stomp 2018 from Empire BMX

Thanks to everyone involved in this gem, especially Jeremie Infelise and Empire BMX!

“In retrospect, the idea didn’t seem especially novel. Get a nice mix of riders together to represent some of the brands housed in our facility on N. Lamar, throw them in a van with no clear vision or schedule, and see what transpires on the road to Swamp Fest.

We’re not here to change anyone’s mind about what a BMX video should be, how it should be conceptualized and executed, or the scientifically determined mix of riding and B-Roll to keep the mainstream viewer engaged enough to continue viewing past the algorithmically determined ‘just right’ number of seconds. We just wanted the crew to hit up Swamp Fest, respectfully represent Texas, and maybe throw down some hammers along the way. With a cast made up of Aaron Ross, Joseph Frans, Lucas Schaller, Devin Fredlund, Jeff Wescott, and Dylan McCauley, all under the talented eye of Jeremie Infelise, they made us proud. The crew braved a tornado and multiple Hurricanes, but completed their appointed task: have fun, shred spots, and return the rental van undamaged and with the contractually obligated amount of fuel in the tank.

Thanks to Mutiny Bikes, Terrible One, Aaron Ross, Jeremie Infelise, any and all locals along the way, and Trey Jones!”

Euroverhere Again Tour 2000

Delving back into the video archives, and following on from the Joe camera/beer combo photo that was posted on t1stagram yesterday, for this T-1 Euro tour from 2000… The photo was shot at the Worlds in Cologne at the end of this trip, and although the memory is a little foggy, I think after driving down from Hastings things kicked off with a dawn session at Marseille, then led to a stay at an “interesting” hotel in northern Italy, a vert comp in Graz, a visit to Vienna, a session at Thomas Stellwag’s skatepark near Munich, then a weekend in Cologne for the contest. Unlike the 2001 tour, the car didn’t break down on this trip, but we did fall foul of Cologne’s parking laws. After waking up and discovering the car was no longer parked where we (cough… Taj!) had left it we finally figured out that it had been parked on the wrong side of the street and towed away. One bike ride to the outskirts of the city, and one fine payment later, we were reunited. The jeans and sprockets may have been bigger back then, but they still can’t take away from how good Joe’s 270 over to ice looks. Thanks to BMXMDB for hosting this.