Outpost Product Photos


There’s a folder of some more detailed shots of the Nina colorway (RAL 6005) and the Phosphate Dipped versions of Ruben’s frame, plus the Raw with Clearcoat Skapegoat, and some shots of the bigger Logan’s Run sprockets, AND the T-1 pegs (all courtesy of our Australian distro, Outpost), right here… Outpost Product Photos. Thanks for the support!

Terranea Action Camp with Ruben

Even more reasons to vist Málaga! From Ruben

Hello everyone!! I’m very happy to be part of this Terranea Action Camp project. I’ve been dreaming about creating something like this for many years. We have an amazing camp for you guys stay and ride, we are digging some trails and we going to build wood ramps, the place is beautifull, in the middle of pure nature with many fun activities and bus trips to the best skateparks in the area like Skatepark Málaga where you or your kids can have an amazing time. For more details please check www.terraneaactioncamp.com and I hope to see you there!!

Hola a todos!! Muy contento de presentaros este proyecto Terranea Action CAMP … Soñe durante años crear algo asi …el sitio es impresionante para alojaros y montar , estamos haciendo un campillo y construyendo rampas de madera, el lugar es precioso, entre montañas y rodeado de naturaleza, con muchas actividades divertidas y viajes en bus a los mejores skateparks de la zona como Skatepark Málaga o Padul donde tu o tus hijos podreis disfrutar de una buena esperiencia. Para mas detalles entrar en www.terraneaactioncamp.com espero de veros!!

FISE Finals Friday


Congrats to Nina and all the ladies riding at FISE Montpellier! You can check out the Women’s Finals livestream on Friday at 10:30am Montpellier time (3:30am Austin time) here… FISE TV

Distro News


Here’s the Barcode of the man behind our new Australian distribution! New build by long-time T-1 pal Paul Robertson at Outpost. Thanks for the support!

Blackout Distro in the US have T-1 in stock and ready to rock! “We’ve finally received our shipment of T-1 in the warehouse… Hit up your rep to get some stuff for the shop before it’s all sold out!” Thanks for the support!

Old El Paso Burrito


Never one to El Paso up a riding opportunity, here’s Nina at the Hook. Photo by Gervais Rousseau. Thanks! Catch Nina at FISE in Montpellier (9th-13th of May) and at the Source BMX Girls Only jam in Hastings (16th of May).