The Bloody Fingers Crossed Podcast

Garrett sits down and talks suspension and much, much more with Joe Doherty for The BMX In Our Blood podcast. Thanks!

“Everything you want to know about Fingers Crossed is right here in this podcast! I was pretty excited to learn more about Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes’ newly released project. As of now Fingers Crossed is all about building your own fun, much like Steve Crandall would say! The basic premise is the amount of fun you can have riding a 20” BMX bike with suspension on any terrain. I’ll leave the interpretation of this project up to each of you. What I do know is that Ruben and Garrett have something really cool going on and I’m very psyched to see what direction this goes! Garrett and I definitely spend some time revisiting some of his last podcast with me (episode #38) as we talk about the impact and rejection of the stigma of self help. There is a bit of everything for you all in this one! So enjoy and learn more about Fingers Crossed BMX on @fingerscrossedbmx while it evolves week by week. As Darren Meenan said, if Ruben and Garrett are involved it is going to be good, and it is!”