Barcode Auction for Nina


2005 Terrible One Barcode Auction for Nina
You can bid on this complete Barcode by posting your bid in the comments on the t1stagram Instagram account. All of the proceeds will go to helping Nina Buitrago with her recent broken elbow medical bills. Thanks!

Frame: 2005 21” Barcode (Maas Specialties made)
Fork: Terrible One (Maas Specialties made)
Bars: Terrible One Paul Buchanan 00B / 8.25” rise
Stem: Coalition Povah
Headset: Solid
Grips: Terrible One
Brake Lever: Primo
Brake Cable: Odyssey Slic
Brake: Primo
Sprocket: Terrible One 36t Gower Power
Cranks: Primo 180mm
Pedals: Primo Magnesium (I think!)
Chain: KMC 510 HX
Seat: Coalition
Seat Post: Coalition
Seat Clamp: Primo
Rear Wheel: Fly Hub with 14t Freewheel, Alex Supra B Pro 36 Hole Rim
Front Wheel: No idea what the hub is! Alex Supra B Pro 36 Hole Rim
Front Tire: Primo Dirt Monster 2.2”
Rear Tire: Animal Tom White Wall 2.2”