Swamp Stomp 2018 from Empire BMX

Thanks to everyone involved in this gem, especially Jeremie Infelise and Empire BMX!

“In retrospect, the idea didn’t seem especially novel. Get a nice mix of riders together to represent some of the brands housed in our facility on N. Lamar, throw them in a van with no clear vision or schedule, and see what transpires on the road to Swamp Fest.

We’re not here to change anyone’s mind about what a BMX video should be, how it should be conceptualized and executed, or the scientifically determined mix of riding and B-Roll to keep the mainstream viewer engaged enough to continue viewing past the algorithmically determined ‘just right’ number of seconds. We just wanted the crew to hit up Swamp Fest, respectfully represent Texas, and maybe throw down some hammers along the way. With a cast made up of Aaron Ross, Joseph Frans, Lucas Schaller, Devin Fredlund, Jeff Wescott, and Dylan McCauley, all under the talented eye of Jeremie Infelise, they made us proud. The crew braved a tornado and multiple Hurricanes, but completed their appointed task: have fun, shred spots, and return the rental van undamaged and with the contractually obligated amount of fuel in the tank.

Thanks to Mutiny Bikes, Terrible One, Aaron Ross, Jeremie Infelise, any and all locals along the way, and Trey Jones!”