Rubonic Facts


A sweet 2005 Maas Ruben build from James Dunford. Thanks! Some Ruben facts from (roughly) around that time…
Ruben Fact No.1: his Maas frame was produced from 2004-2006
Ruben Fact No.2: when Ruben was riding one of these frames his signature bars had a rise of 7.375”, his brake cable had Nokon housing and his stem had a plastic ladybug attached to it
Ruben Fact No.3: etnies released his signature shoe, the Terranea, in 2005. “It’s crazy, because I worked on the design of the shoe while I was in many different places in the world. So, much of the inspiration comes from everywhere.”
Ruben Fact No.4: Ruben shot a video ad for his shoe on a solo trip to the Dominican Republic
Ruben Fact No.5: his first T-1 print ad included the immortal words, “Only shit dude! Bank to wall, it’s easy… you do”, with a Sergio photo of his opening wallride in the last section of “Grounded” by etnies