Hurricane Harvey Relief Shirts


UPDATE: the God Bless This Mess shirts for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund are sold out but we’re printing more. More info soon. Thanks!

HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF FUND info from Joe… “2017 marked the reprinting of an old T-1 classic, ‘Bless This Mess’ t-shirt. We first did them in the early 2000’s for what seemed to be obvious reasons at the time. And it’s both scary and strange how they are just as, if not more relevant today. There was something inside me that wanted to print them again, but another part of me that just didn’t feel right about us selling shirts in regards to this. So I decided that I was going to donate all of the proceeds from these shirts to something or someone that really needed it. I tossed around a few ideas but was still in decision mode. However, this past weeks events here in South Eastern Texas made this decision for me. ALL of the proceeds from these shirts that we have sold this year, will be donated to a Hurricane Harvey relief fund. So many people lost so much, and this is one small way I thought we can help some. So if you already have one of these shirts, thank you for donating! And if you would like to donate to these people in need, but aren’t sure just how, then please purchase one of these shirts from our online store and your money will be directed to them. We only have limited quantities left right now, so every one sold will help a great deal. I can’t thank you all enough. We are all in this together!”

God Bless This Mess T-shirts