Barcode Pre-orders 2017


Hello all, good day to you… it’s that time again for Barcodes to be made! Pre-ordering one of these will insure that you are getting as close to what you are wanting as possible. And the pre-orders also help us pay for the cost of the batch of frames being done. So as you can see, this is a group effort through and through, and we couldn’t do it without your help. So thank you once again!

Most of this batch of frames will be direct sales. This seems to be working really well. I love it because it actually lets me talk to everyone that is going to be running one of these, and that leaves the stoke level on high! Selling them direct also is a result of how much the frames cost us, which is quite a bit more than other frames. We don’t want these to cost you more, so direct just works. In addition, we always try and order enough to have some stock for those that miss out on the pre-order, but our means are very limited so we don’t get that many. And there is no telling what we will be left with, or how many will still be available by the time they arrive in Austin. There will be some shops that receive them, but it will be a limited amount.

Colors will be:

  • Raw with Gloss Clear

  • Black

  • Forest Green (RAL6009)

  • Dark Burgundy (RAL 3007)

Top Tube sizes available:

  • 20.75”

  • 21.0”

  • 21.25”

  • 21.5”

Brake options:

  • Welded chain stay mounts, cable guide & cable stop

  • No Mounts, cable guides, or cable stop at all

  • Removable chain stay mounts & cable guide & cable stop

Since you are the one buying the frame, you would know what type of brake set up you would like to have. The removable brake mount option serves a few riders, that go back and forth with taking them off, and putting them on. But this option mainly serves the shops and distros because they don’t know who will be buying the frame, and they don’t want to exclude anyone that might want to buy the frame, but runs the opposite brake set up than what the frame comes with. Meaning, if you are brakeless, then you usually don’t want the bare posts just sitting there, and vice versa. We also are offering both permanently welded on mounts, or no mounts at all. We are still offering removable mounts, but I would strongly encourage anyone, that if you know you run brakes, then get the welded mounts. But in the end it’s up to you. That was just my 2 cents being added.

These should take roughly 8 weeks from the time I place the order for the batch. I will require a $200 deposit to hold your order. The total frame cost is $395 plus $30.00-$45.00 for shipping if you live in the United States. Foreign orders seem to be hovering around $70-$85 on frames now, but even that can vary by a few bucks depending on where I am sending the frame to.

Once again, these deposits are going to help pay for the order, so I can’t thank you enough. The cut off date for pre-ordering a frame is Monday, September 4th. This will insure that these are ordered as soon as possible, thus resulting in you getting your frame sooner than later. I plan on placing the order that evening, or the next day which will be the 5th since the 4th is a holiday here. I would realistically be expecting these to arrive in Austin around the middle of November.

I’m not sure how you would like to pay. Credit card, money order or Paypal. If you choose Paypal, then please include your choice of brake option, top tube size and color in the notes/memo/message part you can add to the payment process. Also, our Paypal address is: And if possible, send via “Friends & Family” as then we won’t get socked by the fees that come with the other purchase option. Stoked! Let me know what you think.

If you have any further geometry questions about the frame, check this link to the Frame Section of our website.

If you still have more questions, I’ll be happy to help answer them. Thanks again for your time!


P.S. Couldn’t resist sending a pic of my bike when I first had it powder coated the same Forest Green we are using for this run. This was from 2015, outside of our old spot on 6th St! It was also the original Barcode sample that S&M had made for us. I had a good many years aboard that beautiful ship!