Weekend in the Woods for the Ladies


From Yeah Zine

“Indisputably some of the most legendary trails ever are hosting their first ever women’s jams this fall! Saturday, Sept. 30th at Catty Woods and Sunday, October 1st at Posh. A few of the Yeah Zine crew intend to go so expect to get to ride with ladies of all skill levels, beginner to blow-your-mind! More info over on the Facebook event page. Email any questions to tarynhipp@gmail.com”

This Fall we are psyched to welcome all lady shredders from around the world to come ride Catty & Posh! The trails will be open to everyone but we thought it would be rad to pick a weekend when you can be sure there will be other women to ride with! There will not be any formal coaching or workshops, just a bunch of ladies sharing knowledge & being stoked on bikes together! Both sets of trails have something for all levels of skill so don’t be afraid to come ride! Start making plans now! Shout out to Alexis Mabry (a.e.mabry) for the rad flier artwork!