Scerbo Has Got a Way with Words


Lifted from Scerbo’s Instagram… “Garrett Byrnes has always been one of those people I seem to not really keep time with. No matter how much changes or how long we go without speaking we seem to just pick up, move on and laugh it off. A lot has changed in both our lives since we met but it always somehow stays the same. I took this pic on a drive from NJ to Austin. We randomly hung out one day while I was visiting family and I mentioned I was driving back to TX alone, in true Garrett fashion he just jumped in and took a trip with me. 30 hours in the car and we still managed to stop in Galveston for a session at the DIY and a Harley beach session. Also I am not proud of the fact I used to smoke cigs but when this trip started he suggested I quit, I did at that moment, cold turkey. It made the drive hell but my life is much better since. This guy is the realist, I luckily had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the Garrett Byrnes documentary. It was incredible. Awesome job by everyone involved, especially Bill Burns, the true star of the film. The world may have gone crazy but luckily we have guys like Garrett still around to maintain a balance. This picture was taken somewhere between Jersey and Texas. 2016.” Follow @skapegoat256 and @gbyrnest1